6 or 9 Week Courses!

Pole Fitness, Aerial Hoop, Suspension Yoga, Burlesque, Twerkography, Ballet Barre, Flow Your Roll & More!

We offer a selection of Drop In Classes, Commitment Courses & Workshops!

Drop In Classes

Singular in nature so there is no weekly commitment, come as often or as little as you want!  We have small class sizes, so please be sure to register online to save your space in class! Drop in classes include Ass Class, Extreme Abs, Zumbalicious, TNT (Pilates/Ballet), Flow Yoga, Yoga Burn, Sexy Stretch and MORE!  Any drop in class that ends in “tease” is a teaser of one of our commitment courses! Circus Tease, Pole Tease, Suspension Tease, Twerk Tease & Burlesque Tease…. sample what our Aerial Hoop, Pole, Suspension Yoga, Twerkography and Burlesque courses have in store!


Commitment Courses

These progressive courses run the same time same day each week for 6 or 9 weeks!  We have a variety of 6 lesson beginner courses including Aerial Hoop 101, Pole Kitten 101, Suspension Yoga 101 & IGNITE 101. Other specialty courses include Burlesque, Twerkography, Ballet Barre, & Flow Your Roll!  Our 9 Week Courses take it up a notch! Work your way through challenging leveled courses with 2 classes a week for 9 weeks. Pole levels 2 – 10, ELITE Group Training & To Bendy & Beyond Flexibility Courses!


Aerial Hoop & Spin Pole levels are offered through our 90 minute workshops! Learn plenty of new material then take it to Aerial Fit or Spin Fit drop in class to master the moves!  Other specialty workshops include Lapdance, Choreography & MORE! 

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The Gift Package Galore


$50 voucher for any Allure Service

This can be used towards ANY Allure Service OR Merchandise AND can be combined with another voucher available in this package!!!

+ $25 off any 6 Lesson Course including:

IGNITE Boot Camp 101
Polekitten 101
Aerial Hoop 101
Suspension Yoga Level 1, 2 or 3
Raise The Barre
Flow Your Roll

+ $50 off any 9 Week Program including:

Pole (Levels 2 through 10)
ELITE Boot Camp
To Bendy & Beyond Flexibility Training

+ Attend 3 Weeks of Unlimited Access FREE!

Ass Class
Extreme Abs
Flow Yoga
TNT (Ballet & Pilates)
Zumba Sentao
PoleFlow & MORE!

+ $25 off a Daytime Private Lesson

Private Lessons are the ideal situation for anyone that is a little on the shy side, looking to advance a little quicker, unable to find a class that fits their schedule on our regular program, you want to work on something specific. Our schedule is flexible, and can include weekend lessons!

This voucher package can be separated and shared with your friends!



Applicable taxes apply to Gift Package Galore purchase.
Voucher redemption must be done with physical vouchers in the studio.
These vouchers are not redeemable for cash.
There will be no replacements provided if these vouchers
are lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission.
Vouchers expire March 31, 2018.  No extensions, no exceptions.
Any packages ordered online will be held in studio for pickup.

Winter Warm Up

90 Day Get Fit Challenge


January 7 – April 6

We start and finish with a Fitness Assessment to determine your starting point, and so you can see just how far you’ve come!

For 90 days, you’ll receive:

*UNLIMITED access to all drop-in classes


*Any Three 6 Lesson Courses

(Twerkography, Ballet Barre, Flow Your Roll, Polekitten 101, Aerial Hoop 101, Burlesque, Suspension Yoga 101)


* Your choice of one 9 week program

(Pole Levels 2 – 10, Elite training or To Bendy & Beyond)

3 Payments of $150 OR 1 Payment of $425

Regular 3 Payments of $175 or 1 Payment of $499
Applicable taxes extra
All courses must have a start date between January 7th 2018 and April 6, 2018.

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The Allure Mission

We strive to create the atmosphere to inspire you, not like any other gym that doesn’t care if you pay your dues and don’t come to work out.

Our goal is to make you love working out so much that it becomes your regular routine – because you want it to!

Our members say they love our classes, and for so many, we have helped transform their lives – not just with a good workout or getting fit, but also with the confidence that comes with taking our classes in a community of women.