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Meet our Summer 2017 Allure Ambassador


By day I am a secondary school / adult education teacher, by night I can be found many evenings of the week at Allure indulging in my favourite and biggest hobby of pole, hoop, flexibility, booty camp…etc classes. On the occasions I am resting my hands, I can often be found reading/watching Netflix while crocheting or cross stitching with one of my cats in my lap. I have two monster cats, Jack and Juno, who don’t much care for my attempts to get them to dance with me.
I started at Allure in October of 2012 and besides a few short breaks, I have been attending regularly each week ever since!  I first came to Allure on a whim and a wagjag deal. It sounded like a great opportunity to try something new and fun without a big commitment. I sure am glad I tried it out, Allure has changed my life in a multitude of positive ways!
My first class was Polekitten 101 with Lauren as my instructor. Fun fact, that class was also her first pole class as the instructor! There was a total of three people in the class, and I am now the only one of the three remaining. I knew after that first course that I was hooked, and the rest is history as they say.
The first class was intimidating but exciting, having no prior knowledge, and no real interest in fitness even, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But everyone I met at Allure was incredibly welcoming and friendly. I felt included, appreciated, and very much empowered. Allure has a special ability to make everyone feel as part of a group, no one is left out, and every achievement is important no matter the level and each is celebrated. It’s a wonderful feeling.
Allure is the most inclusive group of women I have ever met. All the instructors, all of my fellow classmates, encourage and empower each other in every class. I keep coming back because I am addicted to pole and hoop despite the bruises and calluses. The surpassed pole goals, and shape it keeps me in is only half of it. I love my classmates and my instructors, many of them have become great friends who would (and have) had my back when I’ve needed them most.
Another fun fact: I’ve been a regular at Allure for so long that without being my regular instructor (for pole and hoop at least) Michelle can identify me by my grunt (when taking my shoes off apparently). ;D