Meet the Allure Fitness Team

“Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong”

Michelle Kriedemann

Owner, Director, Teacher

As owner of Allure Fitness Inc., I get to meet fabulous people every day.  We see all shapes, sizes and ages, and seeing students having fun and building excitement in classes makes my day, every day!  The goal I set for my staff and myself is to offer challenging workouts while providing you the opportunity to work at your own level and stay motivated.  I started as a pole dancing student once upon a time too, and the learning has not stopped since – every week, new moves are attempted, and conquered soon after (some remain a work in progress for quite some time)!  This hobby brought me my passion in life – fitness!  I opened Allure in 2009 with the vision of having a place for women to have fun while they work out, and escape for a little while.  Since then, so many of our classes and programs have evolved and been redeveloped; it never ceases to amaze me.

Since I set the bar high for all of us here at Allure, I do my best to keep on top of all things health-, wellness-, yoga- and fitness-related.  My personal trainings include pole (of course!), Pilates, Trigger Point Therapy, 200HR Yoga Teacher Training at De La Sol Yoga, 200HR Yoga Teacher Training at Anjeli Yoga, 40HR Yin Training, Personal Training certifications through Can-Fit-Pro and ISSA, Sports Nutrition certification through ISSA, and numerous workshops and one-on-one trainings with other yoga, pole and fitness professionals in the industry to make sure you are receiving the absolute best classes and workouts possible.

Feel free to get in touch with me any time you have a question; I’m here to help!

I’m looking forward to seeing you in classes soon!

The Alluring Instructors


When I found pole fitness, I never looked back! I started at Allure a year into my pole career as a student. I had made my way though quite a few levels of the pole program when I saw the ad for instructor positions. I thought to myself, “That would be the coolest job ever!” So I applied. I went through the in-house training program here at Allure and completed my Personal Training certification through the International Sports Science Association.  I am also PFIC Certified in Aerial Hoop! I love teaching at Allure. I get very excited for all of my students when they learn something new or master a move they have been working on for a while. I love to watch and be a part of my students’ transformations; it is probably the greatest feeling in the world.



I love taking and teaching all of the classes, but my absolute favourite is pole. I remember when I first started pole classes and how it helped me build confidence and feel great. I love helping others achieve that transition and seeing their “yes I did it!” moment! Remember: never give up or say “I can’t” and always have fun! See you in class!


One of the best things about Allure is the wonderful sense of community among everybody here. There are very few places where you can go to not just reach your fitness goals, but to also get support and encouragement from your instructors as well as fellow students! I started at Allure taking drop-in classes. I was reluctant to try out pole at first because I don’t have a dance background, but I gave it a shot anyway and fell in love it with it! When I’m not taking advanced pole classes you’ll find me teaching Booty Camps and Pole Classes. Looking forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals!



After joining Allure Fitness as a student a few years ago, I was thrilled to begin my teaching in early 2014. My lifelong love of all things dance has taken me from Polekitten 101 all the way through the various levels at Allure’s Pole School. I’m constantly on the lookout for new challenges, and recently graduated at the top of my class from “Burlesque University” in Las Vegas.  I enjoy everything about teaching at Allure, from the challenging workouts, to seeing the look on a student’s face when they perfect a move or spin they’ve been working on.  If you want to get fit, build confidence, have fun, and meet some great people in the process, come join me for a class!

Jess H

I have been practicing yoga since I was 14. It became deeply embedded in my life while I was studying at the University of Toronto, where I started to explore all varieties of yoga, from flow to restorative.  There is so much that yoga has to offer: graceful balancing poses, the allowance to feel vulnerable and uneasy, yet beautiful and wholehearted… and of course, Savasana. Join me for organic Hatha-based yoga to open us up and become stronger in mind and body.  The atmosphere at Allure is unparalleled; it’s fun and challenging and such a great place to meet kind, inspiring people. The combination of sexy and strong workouts is fierce and powerful. My favourite classes to attend at Allure are Flow Yoga, Pole, and Suspension Yoga. You can catch me in the studio multiple times a week!


I started at Allure taking Pole Kitten 101 several years ago, and instantly fell in love! I ditched my gym membership and continued on with all of the classes that Allure has to offer. My only problem now is too many classes I love and too little time! Besides the classes, the one thing that I have never found anywhere else is the support and confidence given by the instructors, staff, and students here at Allure. When I first started pole I felt awkward and silly and everyone made me feel so comfortable and at ease. It is wonderful to see so many women working on their fitness goals and supporting each other. When the opportunity came up, I knew had to share this sense of support and confidence with others. I can’t wait to work with you towards your goals and watch you learn things you never thought possible! Come pole with me!


From the moment I stepped into Allure Fitness Inc I knew this was a studio I wanted to be apart of. Every time I met an instructor, receptionist or even someone taking classes I was always greeted and treated so kindly and given all of their support. The sense of community is amazing and it’s what draws me to work even harder. Pole dancing has always been a huge passion of mine as it’s brought me new strengths, confidence, many friends, and an eagerness to learn and grow my own skills. Being in a position to share this passion of mine with you is like a dream come true for me. I’m super excited to see you in the studio!


When I was younger, I did every style of dance imaginable so it was only natural that pole dancing and Zumba be on the list.  In high school I began learning Latin-style dances and in doing so I was introduced to Zumba!  I always loved taking the classes but never thought anything more of it until I entered a fitness program at Mohawk College.  I was then introduced to the world of fitness training and instruction.  Shortly after being enrolled in college, I became a certified Zumba instructor.  Around the same time, I began taking PoleKitten 101 classes and in no time I was looking for more classes to try.  I signed up for Suspension Yoga as well as plenty of drop-ins and was forever hooked.  With my program at school, we were required to work in the fitness community and I immediately thought of Allure!  The studio has always been so supportive of their students in achieving their goals, and this was the perfect opportunity.  Allure brought me on as an instructor and I couldn’t be happier! I always look forward to teaching Zumbalicious classes; it’s the perfect way to get fit while still having fun and is also a great confidence booster!  Can’t wait to see you in class; I look forward to dancing with you!


I started out at Allure taking Polekitten 101 in combination with drop-in classes and I absolutely fell in love! The classes at Allure help get you into shape and build confidence, and are always a blast to both take and teach.  Fitness is a large part of my life and always will be. I teach pole, abs class and a variety of yoga classes. I am also a competitive 5 and 30 Kilometre racer. To me, nothing is more rewarding than meeting your fitness goals, or helping others reach theirs. Come sweat with me!


I started at Allure with the Get Fit Challenge. The selection of drop-in classes with the six week course was my gateway back into fitness. All of the instructors are knowledgeable, friendly and supportive. My favorite class to take is Zumbalicious, a fast paced high-energy cardio workout to fun music. I decided to go for Zumba Instructor training when approached and asked to teach classes at Allure. I absolutely love to see people come into my class!

The Alluring Reception Team


I was first introduced to Allure at the Hamilton Bridal Show in January 2015. I enrolled in my first Polekitten 101 class a week later and haven’t looked back since! It has now been over a year and I can’t believe the strength, confidence, community and obsession that pole fitness has given me. Since Allure was becoming one of my favourite places to be, I decided to partake in the Energy Exchange program; you can catch me working behind the reception desk on Monday nights! Though I wish most of my time could be spent taking drop-ins or Pole classes at the studio, my other interests include horseback riding, travelling, and catching up on the latest movies!


I am a self-proclaimed lazy couch potato but I wanted to be slightly better. I signed up for Polekitten 101 in January 2017 and the only thing I regret is not signing up sooner! The environment at Allure is so welcoming and encouraging. Pole classes are still my favourite but I was motivated to try nearly all the classes Allure has to offer and they’re just as great. You can find me either sweating and groaning in classes with you or behind the reception desk!

When I’m not at Allure, I’m stuck in the lab working towards a PhD on low-platelet count disorders or trying to be an above average anatomy TA. For fun, I watch way too much TV and try to eat my weight at all the restaurants in Hamilton.


I signed up for Polekitten 101 in 2012 on a whim. As someone who indentifies as the opposite of athletic, it was a pretty intimidating step to take. Imagine my delight when I found such a welcoming and supportive atmosphere! Three years and countless classes later, you can spot me behind the reception desk every Wednesday evening!

When I’m not at Allure, I’m neck-deep in yarn, knitting away on something or other, or immersed in a novel under my two mostly-Siamese cats.


I started at Allure in November of 2016 with Polekitten 101 and it was the best decision I made. The sense of community at Allure is amazing. Every instructor, receptionist and students are all so positive, encouraging, supportive and inspiring. Since joining Allure, I have filled my schedule with plenty of classes from pole, hoop, ignite training, burlesque, bendy and beyond flexibility training and plenty of drop-in classes. I will admit it, I’m hooked. I have never felt as confident, strong and inspired as I do today. I owe it to Allure Fitness Inc. I can’t wait to see where this fitness journey takes me but I know it’s not one that is going anywhere. I can’t wait to see you in the studio while doing reception or taking a class alongside you. Just remember they’re pole kisses not bruises and they come from hard work and determination. Work on your weaknesses until they are strengths. Work on your strengths until they become second nature!



I spend my days working in administration and being a mother to two daughters. I love the sun, sand, and beach, and try to spend as much time as possible with all three.  I was always fascinated with pole dance but had never been into any physical activity. A friend convinced me that I was not “too old” or “too weak” or “too out of shape” and my journey at Allure began. I signed up for Polekitten 101, thinking it would just be a 6 week thing. Years later, here I am, amazing myself doing things I never thought possible. The pride, strength and joy I get from pole fitness has motivated me to participate in other fitness endeavours. I’ve come to love all Allure offers, from the classes to the wonderful community and I am determined to continue to #getsexygetfit.




And I said to my body softly…
“I want to be your friend and show you love”
It took a deep breath and replied…
“I have been waiting my whole life for you”
~ Nayyirah Waheed

A couple years ago I dabbled in aerials for a few months (some silks, hoop, trapeze, and rope), gymnastic strength training, and began running. I love movement, finding challenging and beautiful ways of fully inhabiting my body, and sharing what I’ve learned through performance! I dipped my toes into what Allure has to offer this past spring with the new client special and was hooked! I signed up for pole and hoop classes and began the energy exchange program to help fuel my (healthy) addiction. I love how safe and structured Allure’s programs are, incorporate a great workout into every class, and how awesome the instructors are. I found not only a wonderful gym, but discovered also the special warmth of pole sisters! I want to help other women find that too! For now you can find me several days a week taking classes, cleaning, and on Sunday mornings behind the reception desk! Maybe once I’ve developed sufficient skills I’ll become an instructor too… 🙂

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