Share the Love... Bring your friends!

Our New Referral Rewards Program!


STEP 1: Share the Allure love and get your friends into the studio!
STEP 2: Hand in a referral form in studio or online for each friend that comes to class
STEP 3: Collect Pink Lady Points for your referral, and for every purchase your friend makes during their first 30 days at Allure!
STEP 4: Redeem your Pink Lady Points for anything you want at Allure!
For Every $1 Your Referral Spends = 1 Pink Lady Point
Referral Bonus (for EVERY friend that comes in) = 10 Pink Lady Points
(example: you refer Sally, she purchases a 20 Class Pass for $225+tax. You will get 10 points for the referral, and 225 points for her purchases, for a total of 235 points. You can redeem 100 Pink Lady Points, or save them up to reach the next tier!


Your points can be cashed in once you reach the minimum of 100 points!  We’ll give you Allure Bucks that you can spend on anything in the studio, you’ll have 30 days from the date we issue your Bucks to you to spend them before they expire.

100 Pink Lady Points = $10 Allure Bucks
250 Pink Lady Points = $25 Allure Bucks
500 Pink Lady Points = $50 Allure Bucks

Referral Form

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