Start your pole journey with Polekitten 101, where you’ll complete a full body workout in every class, and learn new pole moves each week too!

Polekitten 101 Start Dates

Allure’s newest program includes all the previous material from Spin Pole Level 1 combined into a dance!
PREREQUISITE: successful completion of Static Pole Level 2

Spinography Start Dates

Begin your aerial journey with level 1, and work your way up the hoop through 7 more levels! Each class includes a full body workout and new hoop moves each week.

Aerial Hoop Start Dates

Smacks, clacks and cool chair tricks to boot! Each week of your Burlesque course will teach you more of a full length routine! Often performed at showcase (performance is optional).

Burlesque Start Dates

Advance through pole work with your twice weekly classes!  Our higher pole levels are are offered in split level programs with a common workout, followed by learning your level’s moves, spins and/or tricks. 

Pole Levels 2 & Up Start Dates

Reach new heights with this 9 week program that offers a grounded yoga practice, resistance training, aerial stretching and inversions in every class!

Suspension Yoga Start Dates

Join this small sized group training class for a no-nonsense workout that will give you serious results!  This boot camp style class is beginner friendly and progressive, so you’ll continue to advance as you get stronger! 

Strength & Conditoning Start Dates

Whatever your current flexibility goals are, this program will have you reaching new stretchy limits!  We target forward folds, back bends, shoulder flexibility, middle splits and front splits!

Flexibility Start Dates

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