Drop In Classes!

Power Barre, Extreme Abs, Flow Yoga, Ass Class, Yoga Burn, Pole Flow, Pole Fit,  Zumbalicious, Zumba Step, Zumba Sentao, Zumba Toning and MORE!!


Singular in nature so there is no weekly commitment, come as often or as little as you want!
We have small class sizes, so please be sure to register online to save your space in class!
Drop in classes include Ass Class, Extreme Abs, Zumbalicious, TNT (Pilates/Ballet), Power Barre, Flow Yoga, Yoga Burn, and MORE!

The list below has a full description of all the current styles of
drop-in classes that we offer!

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Drop In Class Schedule

Drop In Class Descriptions


Hang from our suspension yoga kits as we push, pull, lower and lift you through a resistance training workout that will have your entire body feeling the burn as you create super strength and melt away any soft spots!


Experience a fusion of yoga and fitness in this class that combines yoga postures and power flows with bodyweight exercises to strengthen your entire body and increase flexibility.


​Zumba Step combines strength and resistance training to tone and strengthen legs and glutes, with a gravity defying blend of high intensity Zumba routines with step aerobics, improving overall cardiovascular health and burning major calories along the way.


Work on your flow, girl!  This class is focused on crawls, basework and standing work, making your movements fluid and giving you material to piece together your cool pole tricks with!

PRE-REQUISITE: Must be a current Pole School student, any level



Amp up your workout in this all levels friendly, high energy drop-in class that uses
ballet barre fundamentals in a dynamic manner, with techniques designed to maximize results!
Tighten your core, lift your butt, and feel the total body transformation
as we channel our inner ballerinas to push the limits!
WARNING: Power Barre will leave you feeling awesome and wanting more, this class is highly addictive!


Relax and unwind as we lengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility in this slow paced class that will leave you limbered up and stretched out every time you take it!


As the name implies, this is a core workout at it’s best! Upper, lower, obliques, you name it, you’ll be flexing it and working on that six pack in no time if you’re an Extreme Abs regular


Feel the latin rhythms and beats move your body as you shake it to through Salsa, Meringue, Cumbia and Reggaeton moves!



Improve your strength and flexibility, and get pole ready! We’ll lead you through a tough conditioning workout, followed by supervised practice time, where you can work on the things you’ve been learning in classes, or cover what you’ve missed if you are doing a make-up class!

PRE-REQUISITE: Must be a current pole student at Allure



Twerk Out

A class designed to teach you the basics for all things dance using your ass-sets. Be prepared to sweat! This high cardio and strength training class is here to get you ready to be a booty popping pro!

TNT – Tone & Tighten Pilates Ballet

We will teach you to isolate and control your muscles using simple ballet techniques, and give you the necessary building blocks to begin your classical Pilates practice in this blended fusion class.


Connect  your mind to your body, your body to your breath, and your breath to your moment in this vinyasa inspired yoga class.  Strengthen and lengthen your mind, body and soul.



Focused on your buns & thighs, this class will work you from the waist down, trimming and toning the beach bums on everyone!


Ideal for make-up classes and extra practice to finesse your suspension yoga & aerial hoop tricks!  Experience tough conditioning aerial exercises, to strengthen all of the important muscles to will make you fly with ease!  Your workout will be followed by supervised practice time, for you to practice all the fly tricks you’ve been working on in your courses.
PRE-REQUISITE: Must be a current aerial student at Allure

Belly Vibes


Get ready to work up a serious sweat in this fired up belly dancing fusion class. Feel the rhythm deep in your soul as the beats pump and you shimmy, shake and bump your way through this beginner friendly cardio boosting class. Vibe with enlivened sequences that will make your inner serpentine rise up!

Things you will need for most classes!

Yoga Mat, bring your own or rent one from us for $2

Comfortable workout clothing (ie. yoga pants, capris, shorts, tank top, tshirt).

Leggings are required for any hoop or suspension yoga classes

Bottle of Water

Clean indoor running shoes for Twerk Out, Zumbalicious & Zumba Sentao

Heels are optional for Pole Flow & Burlesque Tease

Kneepads required for Twerk Out & Burlesque Tease (bring your own, or we have for sale for $15 +  tax)



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