Studio Policies & Frequently Asked Questions

At Allure Fitness Inc., we appreciate your business and want to continue to offer the best quality and variety of classes possible.  Please read the below policies that allow us to keep our standards high and allow us to continue to offer prestige programs and services at our studio.


RESPECT: We are a welcoming and safe space, and ask that our students treat each other and our staff with respect.  Failure to do so may result in your being asked to reconsider your relationship with Allure.

LATECOMER POLICY: Please arrive to class at least a few minutes early.  If class begins before you arrive, you will not be permitted entry, as it is unsafe for you to participate without completing the entire warm-up.  If you will only be a couple of minutes late, please call the studio, as we may be able to hold the class for you.

PARKING: We share the parking lot beside us with the rest of our building and you are welcome to park there for free.  Please note as it is the only free parking in the area, it can get busy – please leave yourself a couple extra minutes to get a spot. There is also metered parking on the street in front of the studio.

WHAT TO WEAR/BRING: Please wear a mask, comfortable workout clothing and bring water, and check the class descriptions for other things that you may need (i.e. yoga mat, kneepads, clean indoor shoes, shorts, etc.).  If you are attending a class requiring shoes, street shoes are not permitted; they must be clean, indoor shoes.

JEWELLERY: No jewellery is to be worn into class for safety reasons, including long necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches and fitbits.  If you refuse to remove your jewellery, you will not be allowed to participate.

SCENTS: Please come to class clean and scent free.  Being aware of your odours is appreciated by your fellow students and instructors alike.

DRUGS & ALCOHOL: For safety reasons, if you are suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will be asked to leave.

WHO CAN COME TO CLASS: We welcome women of all shapes and sizes, and anybody identifying as a female in our studio.  You need not have any exercise experience, we have plenty of beginner friendly options, get in touch if you have any questions!  You must be at least 18 years old to attend classes at Allure.  Only women attending classes are allowed in the studio during class time.  No spectators.

CHILD CARE: We do not offer childcare, please do not bring your children to wait for you while you are in class.

YOUR BELONGINGS: We have cubbies available for use in each classroom in the studio.  Please use these facilities to store your personal items during class, as we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

CHECK IN FOR CLASS: Please complete your screening form and arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to your class start time, when entering please have your mask on and be mindful of others, keeping your distance (there are marked spaces on the floor). You must have either clean socks or indoor shoes on your feet to move from the entrance to your class. Stop by our front desk to get your temperature taken, sanitize your hands and be directed to your cubby/class space and ensure you are signed in for attendance. Place your belongings in the designated cubby space, being mindful of distancing, before entering the class.

CELL PHONES: Please turn your cell phone ringer off during class, and have your phone with your personal belongings in the cubby.  No phones in class, unless your instructor allots photo time.

PHOTOS/VIDEOS: We know that you like to show off your stuff that you’ve been learning in class! Allure is a private space, and we ask that all of our students be respectful of our no cell phone policy in class.  Your instructor may allot a time at the end of your class where you are allowed to take photos and videos.  If there are other students in the background, please do not share your photo or video unless you have their consent.  We ask that all photos and videos taken in our space are tagged with our studio social media handles and hashtags. @allurefitness #allurefitness #getsexygetfit.


a) advance registration is required to reserve your space in class – registration window closes 30 minutes prior to class start time
b) Be sure to create a ZOOM account ahead of time so you can be logged in and ready to work out with us.
c) Our class will open up 10 minutes prior to start so you can get logged in.  Please type a “hi’ or any other fun greeting you have in our chat so we can be sure to check you off in attendance!  Please ensure that you have everything you need and are ready to start when class begins.  We are unable to grant latecomers access, so be sure to be logged in before class begins.

CANCELLATION FROM LIVE ONLINE DROP-IN CLASSES, if 24 hours notice is not provided, and you:
a) have a membership, you will be charged a missed class fee of $12+tax according to your contract
b) have a class pass, you will lose a class off of your pass
c) are on our introductory 2 week pass, the remainder of your pass will be forfeited

Please note, all late cancellations must be made through phone or email, you cannot late cancel online.

Advance registration is required to reserve your space in class.  We offer a waitlist option for our busy classes.  If you are on a waitlist and a space becomes available, our system will send you an email invitation, you have 2 hours to accept or decline. If you do not reply within the 2 hour window the system will move on to the next person. If you have missed the window and still want in to class please give us a call, we will do our best to help you.

CANCELLATION FROM IN STUDIO SPECIALTY CLASSES, if 24 hours notice is not provided, and you:
a) have a specialty class single or pass, you will lose the class/a class off of your pass
b) No shows and any cancellation within the 24 hour window prior to the specialty class will result in the loss of the class, and no credit will be issued.

Please note, all late cancellations must be made through phone or email, you cannot late cancel online.

a) In consideration of any government mandated shutdowns, all upcoming registrations are offered on a contract basis with payments just ahead of time or on a weekly basis. A credit card or debit/visa can be used for the contract.
b) Your contract confirmation is required within 24 hours of registering in order to hold your space in class.  This can be done by contacting the studio by phone (905) 667-0999. Once we receive your confirmation of understanding, we will issue you the written contract.   Failure to agree to contract terms in this timeline will result in automatic removal from the class.
b) Any changes in registration or cancellation after registration, leading up to the 24 hour window prior to the course, program or workshop start date/time will result in an account credit for your payment in full, LESS a processing fee of $20 + tax, or the deposit installment, as noted in your contract terms.
c) No shows and any cancellation within the 24 hour window prior to the course, program or workshop will result in no credit, you will be charged in full for the duration of the contract.

a) Payment is required to book any private session at the time of booking.
b) Any changes in registration or cancellation after booking, leading up to the 24 hour window prior to the private session date/time will result in an account credit for your payment in full, LESS a processing fee of $20 + tax.
c) No shows and any cancellation within the 24 hour window prior to your private session will result in no credit, you will be charged in full.

a) Sorry, no refunds.
b) Should you have an extenuating circumstance or medical reason that you are unable to attend something you have registered for, please contact us at  Please note that we may require a doctor’s note.
c) We can only offer account credits in the situations stipulated above. Your account credit will have no expiry and can be used for anything at Allure.  We can transfer it to another Allure student with your written request by email to

COVID-19 Studio Protocols

All in studio sessions have specific measures and protocol in place to protect our staff and students, as safety is our top priority. The following is an outline of the additional procedures in place to protect everyone in our space:

– Please complete the screening form sent to you via email no more than 1 hour before your scheduled session, if needed we have paper copies available in the studio.
– Please note that we cannot accept forms more than 1 hour prior to your session start time, as the information provided within must be as up to date as possible.*
If your answer to any of the screening questions is a yes, please contact us ASAP to cancel your lesson and call your local health authorities for further guidance.

– Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to your class start time, and enter, being mindful of the people and space around you.
– We ask that you wear a mask at all times in our space, and that you sanitize your hands at our front desk where we will also take your temperature when you arrive.
– You’ll need clean indoor shoes or socks to wear after removing your outdoor shoes and placing on our shoe rack. These only need to be worn to and from your workout space, or around the studio if you are using the washroom, etc.
– Please bring your clean yoga mat with you, or rent one from us for $2.  All mats are sanitized after use.
– Bring minimal belongings with you, and place them in the cubbies provided – again being mindful of physical distancing requirements of at least 2 meters while in the studio at all times, and 3 meters while in class.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pre-register/sign up for classes online?

To pre-register / sign up online for all of our classes and workshops, you must be a have an account with us.

If you don’t have an account, you will need to create one and then purchase a class pass if you are registering for drop in classes. If you are registering for workshops or any of our commitment courses, once you’ve made your account, you can simply find the corresponding course under the “courses, programs and workshops” tab at the top of our Schedule House site.

To create an account, click here.

If technology is not for you, we totally understand and are more than happy to get you all set up via phone or in person. For contact information, please click here.


I'm not sure where to start, what should I do?

We offer progressive courses run the same time same day each week for 6 or 9 weeks!  We have a variety of 6 lesson beginner courses including Aerial Hoop, Pole Kitten 101 & Suspension Yoga. Other specialty courses include Burlesque & Flow Your Roll!  Our 9 Week Courses take it up a notch! Work your way through challenging leveled courses with 1 class a week for 9 weeks. Pole levels 2A – 15B! We recommend starting at the beginner level, unless you have previous experience, in which case, it’s best to get in touch with us to arrange a private lesson.

Online Drop-in Classes are all beginner friendly, with no weekly commitment required.  We do have a few drop-in classes that require a pre-requisite class before attending (PoleFit or PoleFlow).  These pre-requisites are for your safety and for your ultimate enjoyment of the class. We offer an introductory offer for all new clients, 2 weeks unlimited online drop in classes for $29+tax!

I'm an experienced poler - where do I begin?

We want you to be challenged in your pole classes, so we need to assess where you’re at.  A private lesson will allow us to determine your current level, catch you up on our curriculum so you aren’t entering a class without knowing what came before it, and ensure that what you’ve been taught elsewhere meets our safety standards.  Contact us today to book yours!

Where are you located?

For full details on our studio, click here.


Do you host private parties?

Parties are our specialty! We pride ourselves on providing a truly memorable night for you and your best gals.

Details, Rates and party themes information can be found on our Parties Page.

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