Spin Pole, Flow Your Roll, Lapdance, Chair Tricks, Choreography & More!



We offer a unique selection of specialty workshops! Flow Your Roll, Spin Pole, Suspension Yoga, Lapdance & MORE! 

Flow Your Roll

Spin Pole


Showcase Choreography

We hold showcases throughout the year where all of our students have a chance to bring all their hard work together into a show stopping performance and to show their friends and family what they’ve been doing in class!


2 Hour Choreography Workshop
2 Scheduled Instructor Led Group Practice Times
Day of dress rehearsal
Free Admission to the show

The Allure 10 Year Anniversary Showcase & Bash will be held on August 23, 2019.

Lapdance & Chair Tricks

Our 90 Minute Lapdance Workshops are guaranteed to impress!
Begin with a warm up where we introduce the basic movements that will be used in your choreography. Once you’ve mastered the basics we work together to create a steamy hot lapdance!